Merry Summer Solstice!

Merry Summer Solstice!
El Sol

Friday, March 29, 2013

"We live among a gratitude of birds." Terry Tempest Williams

Moose in the Morning

Oh wild and gentle beast,
Immense antlered shape,
This morning in the meadow!
Like something ancient, lost
And found now, promise kept,
Emerging from the shadow,
Emerging while I slept—
Wilderness and escape!
You set me free to shirk
The day's demanding work
And cast my guilt away.
You make a truant of me
This moose-enchanted day
When all I can is see,
When all I am is this
Astonishment and bliss. 

May Sarton



    for JS

I drove through Sacred Heart and Montevideo,
over the Chippewa River, all the way to Madison.
When I stopped, walked into grass—
bluestem, wild rose, a monarch—
I was afraid at first. Birds I couldn't identify
might have been bobolinks,
non-breeding plumage.
I am always afraid of what might show up, suddenly.
What might hide.
At dusk I saw the start of low plateaus, plains
really, even when planted. Almost to the Dakota border
I was struck by the isolation and abiding loneliness
yet somehow thrilled. Alone. Hardly another car on the road
and in town, just a few teenagers
wearing high school sweatshirts, walking and laughing, on the edge
of a world they don't know.
Darkness started as heaviness in the colors
of fields, a tractor, cornstalks, stone.
I turned back just before the Prairie Wildlife Refuge
at Odessa, the place I came to see. Closed.
Empty. The moon rose. Full.
I was driving Highway 7, the "Sioux Trail:"
I could feel the past the way I could in Mexico,
Mayan tombs in the jungle at Palenque,
men tearing papers from our hands.
Three hours still to drive home. 

Patricia Kirkpatrick



It is the first birds that startle us.
Make us feel most alive.
And ask us for more than we can give.



  1. Oh a delicious meal of poems. Thank you for this serving. I am a huge May Sarton fan, if you can be a fan of an author by sleeping next to her work, night after night, head to head with May's books. Happy to meet you Elizabeth! xo S

  2. And wonderful to meet you Suzi! It is my weekly pleasure to serve up a smorgasbord of poetry, and share with all at the table. May Sarton has always amazed me ~ and sleeping near good books is always advisable! Never know when you might need a midnight snack.
    Cheers! Elizabeth