Merry Summer Solstice!

Merry Summer Solstice!
El Sol

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Birthday week to Micah who turned 12!!!! With love from mom ~

This week, I am featuring my son's quotes over the years, which are poetry:

“Our house is a whole universe to the spider. I wonder how long it would take a spider to get to CA.”

“The first place I’ll never go.”

“The teabag is watching you.”  Age 3 and a half.

“I was born unusual.”  Age 5

"Lustrous Orb" was declared as a gift to his Pokemon, at a Pokemon party for Lugia when he was 6.

“We have no choice but to travel at that speed.” Micah said this at the Poetry Center in reference to tesseracts when he was in 4th grade.

Micah said to me on Mother’s Day 2009, “Mom, there is a continent named Mazurksy”.

“This Is NOT a Surprise Party.” August 22nd, 2010

Micah said to me, “I love you more than the universe’s stretch.”  August, 2011


  1. Howdy old neighbor! We sure do miss you and your family. Our new neighbors don't have bonfires! Hope all is well.